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Government Solutions

COTS purchases are alternatives to in-house developments. COTS typically requires configuration that is tailored for specific uses. The use of COTS has been mandated across many government and business programs, as such products may offer significant savings in procurement, development, and maintenance.


Fee collections have become a means to supply income to organizations that require money to maintain a safe a clean environment for the general public. Fees are collected at the admission process within fee booths either entering a park or when the customer exits the park. Processing fees includes many other aspects of the collection process including admission statistics, age demographics, facility amenities, camp sites, and many other park facilities. The fee collection process can involve shift processing, remittance processing and bank reconciliation. Some organizations collect fees as a means to cover expendatures while other organizations use fees to make a profit as a private or public company.

Municipal governments provide operating services to residents, formulate and enforce local laws, make infrastructure capital improvements, and provide local planning.

The demand for municipal services is driven by population growth and demographics of the local population. Because municipalities must operate with a balanced budget, loss of revenue results in loss of services, usually through job cuts. Cities compete with one another to attract major employers, sometimes by offering tax breaks and other incentives.

The services municipalities provide depend partly on the size of the town or city, but some are basic: a school system, police and fire protection, street and highway maintenance, water and sewer services, waste management, and various social services. Additional services can include municipal courts, jails, hospitals, housing, parks, libraries, colleges, public transportation, parking, conservation, airports, electricity, gas, and health and welfare services.

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Dear Millenium Retail Solutions:

For the past 4 years MRS has played a crucial role in ensuring that Loehmann's Inc. maintain a robust and problem free Point-Of-Sale solution.

From Y2K changes to future Windows based solutions, MRS has and continues to demonstrate confidence and quality in the work that they perform.

MRS not only understands the technical aspects of maintaining our system, but also understands the business demands that we, as a customer, require. Our present POS hardware and software platforms are based on older technology. The MS DOS operating system has a number of memory and compatibility limitations that could prevent our business from competing with other larger and more aggressive retailers. However, the knowledge and ability for MRS to say, "We can do that on your existing platform.", defines the commitment and confidence MRS posses as a customer driven software vendor. This forward thinking, through MRS, has allowed Loehmann's to maintain a strong position within the specialty retailing industry.

Our success with MRS has been better than we ever imagined. It's a relationship that will continue for many years to come.

Thanks for all the hard work.

Frank Lamolino
Senior V.P./CIO

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