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Self-serve Solution

Kiosk software is the system and user interface software designed for a kiosk or Internet kiosk. Kiosk software locks down the application in order to protect the kiosk from users. Kiosk software may offer remote monitoring to manage multiple kiosks from another location. Email or text alerts may be automatically sent from the kiosk for daily activity reports or generated in response to problems detected by the software.

Self-serve Solutions


Kiosks are becoming increasingly available in everyday life. From grocery stores to governmental offices, kiosks are reducing line-ups and allowing customers to become more self sufficient. With countless security features built into the hardware and countless auditing features within the software, kiosk usability is the wave of the future.

In The Black (tm) Kiosk

In the Black (tm) BillPay Kiosk expands the functionality of our Retail Suite of applications with an innovative integrated solution which allows implementation of custom applications designed to enhance customer and employee interaction.

  • Allow customer account signup
  • Check account balances
  • Provide for account payment via debit, credit, check and cash
  • Provide change via cash dispenser
  • Check merchandise availability

"Helping customers help themselves" is a relatively old idea -- but one that has become a growing business priority.

Consumers increasingly accept and even prefer the idea of self service and many retailers are looking to not only reduce costs but also improve customer satisfaction and transaction speed.

ITB BillPay Kiosk allows access to enterprise data for products, promotions, customer information, account management and payments providing a powerful and flexible software package.

Designed as part of our Enterprise solution, kiosks allows customers the ability to access information and perform routine tasks over the network without requiring any staff interaction.

ITB BillPay Kiosk suite is designed to function on both NCR's BillPay hardware and custom hardware configurations.

In The Black (tm) Virtual Store

If you are setting up an online store, or if you want to make your business Web site better, ITB Virtual Store can help.

Managing your on-line sales as simply as looking after your “bricks and mortar” locations. Utilizing In the Black (tm) Head Office, our enterprise management solution, you can promote products to sell on line or in store.

With common files for products, inventory, customers and promotions it eliminates the extra effort which is part of supporting a separate online store system.

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New York and Company (formerly Lerner New York) started the relationship with Dave Mears and Angelo Kalpakis at MRS in 1998.

Our first experience with MRS was to have them assist us in a code sync of the source code and executable modules to insure we had a valid platform to build upon. In addition, they assisted us with the Y2K validation and code changes.

The quick response from Dave Mears, and his professionalism in evaluating the environment, made it an easy decision to switch providers for our POS needs. Due to his and Angelo's commitment, the transition process went very smoothly.

Since 1998, New York and Company (Lerner New York), have implemented over 10 releases of POS software in more than 500 stores nationwide. With each upgrade, we have partnered with MRS to implement enhancements that allowed the business to streamline processes, add value and improve performance. All of these enhancements enable our store associates to minimize the turnaround time at the wrap desk, and concentrate on the customer.

Some of the enhancements have been: Implementation of Gift Receipts, Implementation of Gift Cards, Replenishment of back stock to the sales floor, Improvements to the Credit Card authorization turnaround (multithreading via dial up) and Performance improvements to the closing process.

Dave and Angelo continue to be extremely responsive to our POS software requests, and have managed to help us achieve several goals we originally thought impossible, given the age of our hardware, as well as our outdated operating systems. We receive constant support on issues, as well as an experienced perspective for fixes and enhancements. All these things combined have allowed us to stretch the life of our hardware by enabling us to implement much needed improvements in our stores.

Thanks for all the support!

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