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Retail Software Solution

Also called full retail, in software distribution it is the term used to describe a full version of a software package that is sold at online or brick-and-mortar stores. It comes factory sealed retail boxes with the software on CD or DVD, plus the software license key and manuals where provided by the software vendor.

PCI and Payment Solutions


Providing solutions for the retail industry, Millenium Retail Solutions has invested countless hours in developing robust and proven products used by retailers to run their operations. With the ever changing retail environment, retailers are constantly facing new challenges and obstacles to overcome competition and a stale economy. Millenium Retail Solutions has produced products over the years to help with these challenges.

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In The Black (tm) Cashier

In The Black (tm) Cashier was designed with the input of specialty store retailers to make transaction processing faster and easier than ever before. When it comes to usability, we've covered all the bases.

Streamline POS processes

Our POS operator menus can be customized by store and location. Design special screen layouts for checkout and customer service counters. Multi-level operator security provides secure management of cashier operations including voids, returns and pricing adjustments. Process sales for remote store delivery with our charge send feature. On-line transaction capture to H.O. allows for returns from any location. Back Office functions such as inventory taking, receiving and transfers can be handled without leaving the sales floor. Look up products and check on inventory availability both locally or chain wide through POS search windows.

Increase Sales and Build Customer Loyalty

Look up your customers and view their purchase history. Make customer specific notes and add important data such as e-mail addresses. You can add new customers, track their preferences, purchases and manage loyalty points all from the POS.

Integrated Debit, Credit and Gift Card Processing

In the Black (tm) Retail Suite supports payment processing from a variety of banks. Minimize entry errors, speed up reconciliation and enjoy the benefits of fast, easy, cost effective card management. Signature capture devices are supported and multiple digitized customer signatures are stored with each transaction for immediate recall.

In The Black (tm) Manager

In the Black (tm) Manager provides a window into your store operations and allows on-site management of inventory, customers and staff through a customizable user interface.

Our electronic journal tracks detailed information on sales, system status, errors and exceptions. Drill down to transactions by terminal, sales staff, departments and tenders. Custom reporting allows you to analyze sales and items by date, fast movers, vendor performance and customers activity.

Track customer sales history; manage loyalty points, sign up new customers and record demographics. ITB Manager's CRM functionality provides fast, accurate details and relationship information. Integrated discount promotions management ensures the correct execution of customer promotions.

In the Black (tm) Manager provides an unsurpassed level of merchandise management capability, all with multi-level security and detailed audit reporting. Manage merchandise transfers, receipts and special orders. Produce inventory reports, conduct cycle counts and update adjustments. Add new items, control pricing and discounts.

Available as a standalone system for independent retailers or as part of our enterprise solution, ITB Manager provides the tools to allow you to effectively manage your store and the POS system.

In The Black (tm) Credit

In the Black (tm) HQ allows the head office management of retail chains to consolidate data from multiple stores for a complete view of the enterprise. Transaction data is "trickled" through from the terminals as created along with other record types such as customer and employee details, system messages and inventory updates allowing an almost on-line view of store activity.

Inventory and customer data can be viewed, analyzed and shared across your entire business. Powerful reporting allows you to "drill down" to specific transactions, customer sales or item movement. Evaluate sales and trends in each department, category or store. Make informed decisions based on up to date accurate information.

ITB HQ supports on-line inquiry for customer sales data and loyalty points allowing superior service and ensuring accurate frequent shopper pricing.

Manage communications and updates centrally with our integrated In The Black (tm) Scheduler application. This robust system is used to perform time sensitive operations distributing software and database changes automatically. Used at both HQ and store level Scheduler can be used to execute local or remote store applications, transmit files to and from stores, conduct backups and End-of-Day functions. The system is highly configurable and can process multiple simultaneous requests.

Merchandise management includes a complete stock transfer and reconciliation system. Store level on hand, on order and in-transit values are maintained and reported on. Inventory and cycle counts can be managed centrally with adjustment reporting. A detailed item movement journal is maintained which tracks all inventory changes.

In The Black (tm) Mobile

In The Black (tm) Mobile POS brings the power and functionality of our traditional POS system to a handheld device.

Do you have high volume sales periods when you need a line busting solution? Do you sell merchandise outside of a retail store?

Supporting a variety of Hand Held or fixed mount Mobile Point of Sale terminals ITB Mobile allows Retailers to quickly and easily implement remote sales locations and "line busting" solutions.

Connected on-line through wireless communications or operating off line with batch transfer the ITB Mobile Solution supports our full featured ITB Cashier application platform which allows the mobile POS to perform any of the same transactions your in-store systems are capable of including card based payment processing, customer look-up, inventory checks and stock management.

Our Menu Edit feature allows you to quickly and easily implement custom user interfaces supporting various mobile requirements.

The applications we support are as unique as your business requirements some of these include:

  • managing sidewalk sales events,
  • setting up kiosk out-post sales centers,
  • making in-home sales calls
  • supporting remote institutional sales.

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New York and Company (formerly Lerner New York) started the relationship with Dave Mears and Angelo Kalpakis at MRS in 1998.

Our first experience with MRS was to have them assist us in a code sync of the source code and executable modules to insure we had a valid platform to build upon. In addition, they assisted us with the Y2K validation and code changes.

The quick response from Dave Mears, and his professionalism in evaluating the environment, made it an easy decision to switch providers for our POS needs. Due to his and Angelo's commitment, the transition process went very smoothly.

Since 1998, New York and Company (Lerner New York), have implemented over 10 releases of POS software in more than 500 stores nationwide. With each upgrade, we have partnered with MRS to implement enhancements that allowed the business to streamline processes, add value and improve performance. All of these enhancements enable our store associates to minimize the turnaround time at the wrap desk, and concentrate on the customer.

Some of the enhancements have been: Implementation of Gift Receipts, Implementation of Gift Cards, Replenishment of back stock to the sales floor, Improvements to the Credit Card authorization turnaround (multithreading via dial up) and Performance improvements to the closing process.

Dave and Angelo continue to be extremely responsive to our POS software requests, and have managed to help us achieve several goals we originally thought impossible, given the age of our hardware, as well as our outdated operating systems. We receive constant support on issues, as well as an experienced perspective for fixes and enhancements. All these things combined have allowed us to stretch the life of our hardware by enabling us to implement much needed improvements in our stores.

Thanks for all the support!

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