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Retail Software Functionality

How do you choose among the hundreds of point of sale systems available today? Begin by evaluating the retail software features you need in your business. Select retail software that includes the features you need to run your business today as well as the features you need to grow your business tomorrow.

Retail Software Functionality


  • An enterprise solution
  • Offers real-time reporting
  • OffersMobile capabilities (i.e. wireless registers, integrated Lane busting, tablet/smartphone capabilities)
  • Maintain Customer information in a centralized database for returns/Layaways and CRM purposes
  • PLU Database with redundancy (Store will still operate if connection to the enterprise Database is lost)
  • IsPCI/PED/PII compliant
  • Common Database software
  • Provides High Availability and redundancy.
  • Email receipt capability
  • Ability to display ads on register or customer display
  • Ability to process QR codes

Functions for Store System

  • Ring Items by UPC/PLU/Type/other
  • Items include all types of service and merchandise
  • Layaway (Fully Customizable)
  • Domain authentication is required
  • Local Cashier Login (Capable of Caching login for downtime)
  • Ability to have Separate promotional setups by facility
  • Ability disable certain functions
  • Cash Management abilities
  • Returns
  • Lane Busting
  • Gift Receipts
  • Email Receipts
  • Price Adjustments
  • Price Overrides
  • Price Verification
  • Item Flagging
  • No sale
  • Item void
  • Error correct
  • Transaction void
  • Trans. Cancel
  • Item exchange
  • Employee sale
  • Layaway sale
  • Layaway statement
  • Layaway payment
  • Layaway pickup
  • Layaway cancel
  • Layaway payment correction.
  • Layaway adjustment
  • Layaway forced cancel./write off
  • Layaway/customer database administration
  • Layaway reactivate
  • Layaway offline update
  • Layaway re-entry
  • Cashier loans
  • Cashier till float
  • Pick up
  • Bank deposits
  • Check cashing
  • Check franking
  • Cash in/out
  • Register reconciliation
  • Cashier reconciliation
  • Open store
  • Open terminal
  • Open next day
  • Close terminal
  • 24 hour store functionality
  • End of day
  • All types of custom payment
  • Custom payment enquiry
  • Sales report
  • Flash sales
  • Tender report
  • Salesperson
  • Sales analysis
  • Time analysis
  • Department
  • Dept by group
  • Group summary
  • Layaway report
  • Deposit report
  • Sku report
  • Sku by dept
  • Discount report
  • Training mode
  • Set date/time
  • Backup files
  • Restore files
  • Delete files
  • Rebuild totals
  • Reset business day
  • Exit software functionality
  • Authority level security 10 levels unlimited atributes
  • Reboot
  • Special order
  • Rain check
  • Bagger
  • User defined/configured transactions
  • Gift card purchase
  • Gift card reload
  • Reload w/o giftcard
  • Cashout giftcard
  • Balance inquiry gift card
  • Display/print software version
  • Plu updates
  • Ability to set departments
  • Establish plu categories
  • Establish plu groups
  • Reprint receipts
  • Electronic journal
  • Transaction log file
  • Set policy statements
  • Customize reports (configuration)
  • Transaction discounts (% and $)
  • Item discounts (% and $)
  • Manufacturer coupons
  • Store coupons
  • Configurable numbers of tenders
  • Support up to infinite registers
  • Optional add-a-service
  • Plu maintenance
  • Create and run macros
  • Dual cash drawers
  • Automatic sign off after configurable time
  • Automatic lock after configurable time
  • Sign off
  • Quantity functionality
  • Rain check
  • Price inquiry
  • Receipt logos
  • Configurable print lines on check endorsement
  • Remotely monitor terminal in real time
  • Special order
  • Complex promotions/discounts
  • Mix match discounts


  • Promotions by %, $, specific price with start stop time/date
  • Suspend transactions
  • Resume transactions
  • Resume transactions from any register
  • Optional tax or surcharge
  • Plu not on file functionality
  • Override ability
  • Store and forward functionality
  • Cashier fund pickup
  • Ability to add cashiers and set authority level
  • Pin pad signature capture
  • Set item hierarchy
  • Handle downtime credit with floor limits
  • Optional self-checkout
  • Optional paper check conversion
  • Reprint receipts
  • Sell financial gift cards
  • Sell 3rd party non-financial gift cards
  • Rebate functionality
  • "you saved" on receipt
  • Account masking on receipts and screens
  • Credit auto-reversals

Ability to process the following through POS:

  • Western Union
  • Money Orders
  • Cash Checks
  • Hunting/Fishing Licenses
  • Deposits
  • Other Payments
  • Petty Cash
  • Cash Advance


  • Various reporting
  • Layaway reports
  • Sales Reports
  • Flash Sales Report
  • Tender Report
  • Department report
  • Department by Group reports
  • Discount Report
  • Over/Short Report
  • Void Reports
  • Return Report
  • Sales Analysis
  • Time Analysis
  • Group Summary Reports
  • Rain Check Reports
  • Non-Merchandise Reports
  • Salespersons Report
  • Cashier/Sales reports

Methods of Payment:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Debit
  • Credit Card (...Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover)
  • Credit Card (Others (In-house Brand)
  • Unit Charge
  • Your-brand-Dollars (Set up specifically for the customer)
  • Charge to Facilities
  • Foreign Currency
  • Gift Cards (Internal or 3rd party)
  • Split-tender payments
  • Food Stamps
  • Coupons

Interface with:

  • Your Financial, merchandising, logistics, other systems
  • In-house Credit Server or any of the top 20 processors

Will be able to track/detect the following:

  • Duplicate Terminal
  • Connection status of all registers
  • Store Open
  • Store Close
  • Credit Connection
  • PLU Health
  • Credit Transaction (Trace IDs)
  • Maintenance on PLU
  • Pin Pad Health
  • Register Health/Stats
  • Register Application Health check/Stats

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New York and Company (formerly Lerner New York) started the relationship with Dave Mears and Angelo Kalpakis at MRS in 1998.

Our first experience with MRS was to have them assist us in a code sync of the source code and executable modules to insure we had a valid platform to build upon. In addition, they assisted us with the Y2K validation and code changes.

The quick response from Dave Mears, and his professionalism in evaluating the environment, made it an easy decision to switch providers for our POS needs. Due to his and Angelo's commitment, the transition process went very smoothly.

Since 1998, New York and Company (Lerner New York), have implemented over 10 releases of POS software in more than 500 stores nationwide. With each upgrade, we have partnered with MRS to implement enhancements that allowed the business to streamline processes, add value and improve performance. All of these enhancements enable our store associates to minimize the turnaround time at the wrap desk, and concentrate on the customer.

Some of the enhancements have been: Implementation of Gift Receipts, Implementation of Gift Cards, Replenishment of back stock to the sales floor, Improvements to the Credit Card authorization turnaround (multithreading via dial up) and Performance improvements to the closing process.

Dave and Angelo continue to be extremely responsive to our POS software requests, and have managed to help us achieve several goals we originally thought impossible, given the age of our hardware, as well as our outdated operating systems. We receive constant support on issues, as well as an experienced perspective for fixes and enhancements. All these things combined have allowed us to stretch the life of our hardware by enabling us to implement much needed improvements in our stores.

Thanks for all the support!

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