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Company Profile

Millenium Retail Solutions is a focused developer of multi-channel, enterprise wide specialty retail POS software.

Millenium is committed to delivering the highest quality software solutions on time and on budget. Our software suite is constantly being enhanced and redeveloped to incorporate today’s latest technological innovations in the retail industry.

Company Profile

The core business

Millenium Retail Solutions is much more than a POS development company. With deep roots in retail store systems and leading edge experience in payment processing systems, the company has today developed into an advanced application development house for all transactions associated with any kind of customer interaction. The company is focused on the front end (customer end) of other, more industry specific, internal systems.

The difference

Customer Interactions can take many forms. Thus the software needs to be flexible to not only address the many different kinds and volumes of interactions but must also consider future trends and technologies that have not been invented yet. Such flexibility would be cost prohibitive if constant changes need to be made to the code. Parameter driven applications are the answer.

Be it fee collections, purchases, payment systems or otherwise managing the source of your revenue, Millenium Retail Solutions has the answer with the tools you need to control these precise transactions.

The advantage

An advanced information architecture allows the development and enhancement of a very fluid application at very minimal cost. The more powerful the application, the simpler the customer interaction. The better the fit, the more pleasant the customer experience.

The best fit for

The Millenium Retail Solutions set of solutions are the answer for prospects that do things differently.

Weird environments that have no direct off-the-shelf solution, or that would require considerable modifications, are best addressed with Millenium Retail Solutions's cost effective, flexible, parameter driven application.

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North America Toll-Free:
Dial Extension 229 for Sales


160 East Beaver Creek Rd
Unit #16
Richmond Hill, Ontatio, Canada
L4B 3L4

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Executive Team

Angelo Kalpakis - Director/CTO - Email Inquiry

Angelo has over 25 years experience in POS, Retail Technology and Systems Development. A successful entrepreneur, he is co founder and a partner in Millenium Retail Solutions, Inc. (MRS). Millenium has grown over the past 15 years, initially offering legacy system software support into a focused Retail System's provider offering the "In the Black" (ITB) retail suite of products. As Director, System's Architecture he is responsible primarily for the system's database integrity and management. His background includes extensive experience in systems analysis and development with a variety of companies including retail, banking, medical, process control, accounting and warehouse management.

At REF Retail Systems, a major Canadian POS developer, Angelo was involved in supporting a variety of client systems, primarily in the specialty retail market. His involvement with both small and large companies has given him the experience and perspective necessary to understand their operational environments.

Working with his business partner, Dave Mears, he co-manages the ongoing support and enhancement of Millenium's retail suite of software. His technical background is extensive encompassing a wide variety of technologies. He has worked with a number of development environments and languages including C, C++, assembler, Visual Basic, FORTRAN, Pascal, COBOL and PL1. Operating systems experience extends to all Windows operating systems from DOS to XP, UNIX, Digital VAX, PDP-11, and OS/2.

An experienced systems professional, Angelo is dedicated to the success of Millenium Retail Systems, it's suite of software products and the client partners who utilize them.

Dave Mears - Director/CFO - Email Inquiry

David has over 25 years in the computer industry with approximately 20 years spent specifically dealing with Retail Systems and technology. He is a co-founder and a partner in Millenium Retail Solutions, Inc. (MRS).

David did his post-secondary education at the University of Waterloo from 1980 to 1984. He majored in mathematics with a minor in computer science.

Dave's focus is POS application development including the management of system testing and implementation. A specialist in payment processing systems, his expertise in designing, developing and certifying Millenium's integrated Credit Switch family of products has been key in creating an innovative, cost effective product. His knowledge of project management, people management, and customer relations makes him an invaluable resource for MRS.

Gerry Metzger - Marketting and Sales/CMO - Email Inquiry

Gerry is a retailer with 30 years of technology experience. With a good understanding of the entire retail enterprise, he is an expert in POS hardware and store level software applications. As a veteran of the retail technology industry, Gerry has held the position of Retail Marketing Manager at Digital Equipment, and the position of Vice President Sales at Wincor-Nixdorf, Ultimate Technology, DigiPos North America and Pippard Inc.

Gerry has an outstanding ability to translate retailers' business requirements into cost effective technology solutions. He is a frequent speaker and author and has been consulted by hundreds of North American retailers on issues related to the flow of their critical business information.

His current interests are focused on store level efficiencies. Working with alliance partners and end users, Gerry is leveraging the capabilities of our company into an improved bottom line for many of our customers.

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